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Eros Hoagland March 26, 2008

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in El Salvador.

Three generations of Salvadoran women, San Salvador 2005

Eros Hoagland began working as a photojournalist in 1993 covering the aftermath of El Salvador’s civil war. He has continued to work in countries stained with violence and un-rest across the globe including Iraq, Haiti, Mexico and Colombia. As well as documenting the political climate and social impact of conflict, Eros looks for an emotional narrative when approaching reportage projects. Themes are just as important as issues to Eros’ photography.

Hoagland is represented by Redux Pictures and is a member of Metro Collective.

About The Photograph:

“A typical street scene in the desperate colonias of San Salvador: A women in her 50’s sells sundries, a young girl close to her side, and a teenage gang member – probably a sister and niece to the others. The eldest woman will tell twenty-year-old tales of bodies left mutilated in the streets, an essential by-product of counterinsurgency war tactics. The middle girl is weary of assassins from rival gangs sneaking into her barrio looking to do a murder, or ski-masked police who haul off her homeboys in the back of double cabin pick-up trucks. And the youngest watches it all go down, quietly waiting her turn to make her own irreversible life decisions”.


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