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Chris Maluszynski April 4, 2008

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in United States.
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Overton, Texas/ Poker Convention in Las Vegas

I’m fascinated by the way foreign photographers view the USA and Chris Maluszynski is a wonderful example of that. Part of his talent is the ability to see directly- and with great humor- what is in front of him. During the past couple of years he has completed several projects in the USA including: the Rattlesnake Roundup, the Battlecry Evangelical Rock Festival, and on a different note: Guantanamo.

Chris Maluszynski was born in Warsaw, Poland and moved to Sweden when he was seven. He studied physics and electrical engineering, history of art, history of photography and visual communication (MA) at the University of Linkping, Sweden, and Sorbonne, Paris. Chris began his professional career in 1995 and has since worked for most major Swedish newspapers. He is a founding member of Moment in Sweden and is represented by Agence Vu’ in France and Redux Pictures in New York. He has won countless awards including Best of Photojournalism and the Swedish Picture of The Year.

About the Photographs:

(L) The street scene is from Overton, Texas. A small town where a group of people calling themselves “The Republic of Texas” have purchased and old hospital building and established their “seat of government”. The people of the Republic of Texas consider their country occupied by the United States of America. They refuse to pay taxes to the U.S. federal government, they have their own president, their own currency and passports. They are watched closely by the FBI and the local police fear their presence. The ROT has previously taken hostages, been in shootouts with US Marshalls and many of its former leaders are now in prison. ROT’s vice president – Lauren Savage is also a historian and claims that Texas never lawfully entered the union.(R) The scene at the poker table is from The World Series of Poker finals in Las Vegas 2006. The World Series of Poker is unequaled by any other poker event in the world. In 2006, 8,774 players made it to the finals and competed for a total prize pool of $82,676,084. Many of the players dress up as unusual weird characters to potentially distract their opponents. “The USA is a crazy country – but I love it! It’s so full of stories everywhere, and I love the people”.



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