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Poul Madsen May 30, 2008

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in Multimedia, Romania.
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From the series “Bucharest Below Ground” Romania 2008

Poul Madsen was born in Denmark in 1978 but has since lived in Belgium, USA and India. At the age of 24 he began photography and was accepted into the Danish School of Journalism. Since then his main focus has been documenting social and cultural issues and exploring new and innovative ways of presenting narrative story telling for the web. “I consider myself part photojournalist and part multimedia producer.” Poul’s awards include: Best of Journalism, National POY, China International Press Photo and China Humanity Photo among others.

About the photo:

“This picture was taken inside a sewer in downtown Bucharest. The hot heating pipes underground enables some of the city’s homeless to survive Romania’s brutally cold winter. With this project I wanted to focus on of the European Union’s newest members. The conditions for these children are horrible and the Romanian government does next to nothing to help them get a better future.” It’s well worth visiting the full screen documentary for the web and reminds me of the potential of multimedia story telling. See more projects from Poul and his partners at the Bombay Flying Club.


1. Edward van Herk - June 3, 2008

Bucharest below ground. Incredible, Europe in 2008…..

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