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Kate Brooks June 24, 2008

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in Lebanon.

From the series “Divided Lebanon.” Beruit, 2008

Award-winning photojournalist, Kate Brooks aged 27, of Polaris Images, began working as a photographer in the former Soviet Union while documenting systematic child abuse in state-run institutions. The photographs formed the visual core of the Human Rights Watch report, “Abandoned by the State: Cruelty and Neglect in Russian Orphanages.” Following 9/11 she moved to Pakistan in order to cover the impact of U.S foreign policy both there and in Afghanistan. Since the invasion of Iraq, Brooks has worked extensively in the Middle East. Her clients include Smithsonian, The New York Times Magazine, Time, Newsweek, U.S. News & World Report and UNICEF. She is currently based in Lebanon.

About the Photograph:

Lebanon on the Brink: Hezbollah fighters carried out attacks on Mount Lebanon in predominantly Druse areas two days after Druze leader, Walid Joumblat’s, Progressive Socialist Party (PSP) members killed eight Hezbollah fighters upon entering the Druze area of Ras el-Jaba to set up a checkpoint. Residents in Shweifat suffered significant damage to their property and several people were killed in the fighting. Fadi Al Suki was killed in the fighting. His wife holds his hand before burial.


1. Michelle - June 24, 2008

Why the Venezuelan flag?

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