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Danilo Balducci July 25, 2008

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in Azerbaijan.
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Garbage Dump Near Baku. Azerbaijan, 2007

Danilo Balducci (Italy, b.1971) has always been fascinated by photography and the communicative power of images. He seeks a human presence in his photographs. Danilo has worked as a professional photographer since 1996. He graduated from the High School of Photography in Rome specializing in social reportage. Danilo contributes regularly to Italian and foreign photo agencies such as Sintesi, Zuma Press and Das Fotoarchiv. His photographs and stories have been published in National and International newspapers. He has worked in various African countries covering major events as a stringer for Agence France Presse. Danilo has also worked in Romania, Azerbaijan, Serbia, Kosovo, Bulgaria and Israel, among others. He has received two Orvieto photography bronze awards in Italy as well as various national and international prizes.

About the Photograph:

“I took this picture in the village of Balaxani, close to Baku. At the end of the day I saw the man coming out from the city dump. This man, who lives inside the dump was searching for food and didn’t even notice me.” A century of oil production and negligence have left the Republic of Azerbaijan on the brink of environmental disaster. Current environmental problems including air, water, and soil result in part from the economic priorities and practices of the former Soviet Union. The UN reports that Azerbaijan ranks among the 50 nations with the world’s highest level of carbon dioxide emissions. Oil rich Azerbaijan is at a critical point of its post-soviet history.


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