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Farah Nosh July 28, 2008

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in Iraq.

Canadian-born photographer Farah Nosh graduated in 2002 from the Western Academy of Photography in Victoria, British Columbia. In September 2002 Nosh moved to Iraq where she was based for 11 months. Nosh has also worked in Lebanon, Israel, the West Bank and Gaza, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria. In 2005, Nosh began a large format photography project documenting the remaining fluent speakers of the threatened Haida language in northwestern Canada and southeast Alaska. Nosh’s 2006 Iraq work was published in TIME, The New York Times, American Photo and The Independent Magazine. Nosh is currently represented by Getty Images. Her awards include: Overseas Press Club of America, 2007, (POYi) 2007, PDN Nikon Storyteller Award, 2007, National Press Photographers Association, 2006, National Geographic Grant, 2006 and PDN “30 Under 30″ 2005.

About the Photograph:

Nosh is also Iraqi, but she had never known her family in Iraq before the conflict began. When the U.S.-led war against Iraq began in March 2003, she made the difficult decision to leave the compound of western journalists, working under the watchful eye of the Iraqi regime, and live isolated in a small house in western Baghdad with her family. She spent the war having hardly a sense of what was going on outside their home. Instead, Nosh has returned to Iraq repeatedly, covering both the Iraqi civilian side and embedding with American military forces.


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