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Jared Soares September 3, 2008

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in United States.

Jared Soares was born in Santa Cruz, California in 1982. He grew up in the suburbs of Kansas City, dreaming of playing pro soccer until he tore his ACL at the age of 17.  A year and a half later he found his mom’s Canon AE1. Jared studied literature and creative writing at The University of Kansas.  While in college he worked as a part time staffer at The Lawrence (KS) Journal-World, an intern at The Hays (KS) Daily News, and as a lab tech at the Kansas City Star. He has been with The Roanoke (VA) Times for the past two years after starting as an intern there in the summer of 2006.

About the Photograph:

“This photograph was made at The Lighthouse, a church in Pulaski, Virginia during a youth worship service. Vicky Akers, the woman on the right of the image, was in charge of the youth ministry program at The Lighthouse. She would travel to neighborhoods around the town, picking up children to take them to a youth worship service twice a week. Akers worked as a waitress at a diner but she also felt the need to be an active voice among the youth of Pulaski. I have always been interested in the role that faith and religion play in a person’s life. Vicky Akers has since moved to North Carolina but this photo was the catalyst for an in progress project about faith in Pulaski. I visit Pulaski often to seek out how faith influences the the lives of the people that live in the town.”


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