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Rob Hornstra October 6, 2008

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in Russia.

Old and New Russia, 2008

Rob Hornstra (b. 1975) is a Dutch  documentary photographer. In 2004 he graduated  from the Academy of Arts based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Previously he studied Social and Legal Services and worked as a probation officer for one year. His photography can best be seen as a combination of these two areas of study. Rob won the Dutch Photo Academy Award with his book ‘Communism & Cowgirls’. He was commissioned by the IPRN European Union to work in Iceland which was published as his second book ‘Roots of the Rúntur’. His work is represented by Flatland Gallery. He  is working on two projects currently: the changing face of the former Soviet Union and  a documentary about the district where he lives in Utrecht. Rob is also founder of FOTODOK – Space for Documentary Photography.

About the Photograph:

“Andrey (left) is heavily addicted to drugs, HIV positive, suffers open TBC and doesn’t feel his legs after he missed the artery in his groin while injecting drugs. He doesn’t get any help from state health organizations because he is a drug addict. “I am sure I will die soon. But I am not afraid. Nothing will scare me anymore” The woman on the right is an employee of the cement factory in a small suburb of the East Siberian industrial city Angarsk. The inhabitants of Cement Town once lived to the rhythm of the factory bell. There was work, the children went to school and a social services system took care of basic needs. The factory played a central role in this. In the 90s, however, everything fell apart. Rival clans fought relentlessly for control of the cement factory. The most difficult years were 1996-1998. The factory was plundered and bankrupt.”


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