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Lihee Avidan October 10, 2008

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in England.

Kelly, From the series “Home”

Lihee Avidan grew up in Israel and moved to London to follow her passion for photography. After completing her Masters in Photojournalism at the London College of Communication, she won the PX3 features Photography award, and was a finalist in Lumix young photojournalist award. Her  work- including the plight of Roma communities in Kosovo, the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, Madagascan sapphire miners and child poverty in the UK- has been published by The Sunday Times Magazine, local and international press. Lihee has produced multimedia ‘stills and audio’ for the BBC online and Channel 4 television, which prompted a move into mixed media and film-making, continuing to document the people at the heart of social and political change. She is currently shooting a series of documentaries for Channel 4 TV on migrant health care workers.

About the Photograph:

“Hassan lives with his sister Linda and their mum, Kelly in a dilapidated council flat in South London. Britain has the highest teenage pregnancy rate in Western Europe. Kelly got pregnant when she turned 15 and left school. She lives from benefits, and social services visit her regularly. The household is a chaotic place, where the lines between childhood and adulthood are blurred. Kelly has problems dealing with the responsibility of parenthood, and providing for her children’s material and emotional needs. For Hassan home is a claustrophobic place that offers little affection or warmth.”


1. oren lerner - November 9, 2008

Is it not amazing.
When you take a look of something that is a mirror of the things you
Hold inside.
absolutely marvels .

2. liz - November 28, 2008

terrific, Lihee avadan.

3. rachel - December 20, 2008

no need for words.The picture talks and you can feel the smell….great!

4. Chris Long - December 27, 2008

Compelling, candid, concise – and so close I can hear their breath. How do you do that?

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