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Leonie Purchas October 20, 2008

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in Italy.

Moretti family. Italy, 2006

After taking an honors degree in the history of art, Leonie Purchas (b. 1978, United Kingdom) went on to work as a full-time assistant for the British photojournalist Tom Stoddard. She followed this with a diploma from the London College of Communications in 2003. Leonie has won a number of prestigious awards including of The ‘F’ award, the Arts Foundation Fellowship, the Ian Parry scholarship and the Jerwood photography award and in 2006 she was an artist in resident at Fabrica, Italy. Her work has been featured in The Sunday Times Magazine, The Saturday Telegraph Magazine, Portfolio Magazine and Newsweek. She is currently working on a book based on her family called ‘In the Shadow of Things’ which is due to be published in 2010.

About the Photograph:

“This is a story about the Moretti family in Rome who take care of racehorses. They live above the stables in Capanelle and have done so for the past two generations. They get up at five every morning to train and attend to their animals. Their entire livelihood depends on the winnings and performance of the horses. The photo is of Denise and her grand mother, who is senile.  Despite troubled moments, her affection for her grandchild remains.” This series is part of a larger project about family around the world that is currently being funded by the arts foundation fellowship.


1. lethebashar - October 22, 2008

I’m moved by the narrative poetry in this artwork.

2. katy - December 7, 2008

It does a great job also showing the naive nature of children. They never understand how much love surrounds them. The little girl is just enjoying her food as her grandmother is expressing a moment of love and affection towards.

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