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Piotr Redlinski December 1, 2008

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in United States.

Butoh dancer Kaori Ito, New York subway station

Piotr Redlinski was born in Warsaw, Poland in 1972. He holds a degree in Architecture from Cooper Union, a unique New York art school, and as a photographer freelances regularly for The New York Times and also works on film productions as a still photographer. He attempts to document fiction with a journalistic approach and capture the reality with a cinematic sensibility. To exercise his optic nerve he draws often and taught drawing and design in KRVIA, a School of Architecture in Mumbai, India.  He was born in then communist Poland, but now lives in New York’s Brooklyn, where he also is a member of a small theater company, East River Commedia. He is represented by World Photographers Network.

About the Photograph:

“As the Butoh dance form grew out of the ashes of atomic bomb landscapes, over the years it has influenced and proliferated many other dance forms and ideas of  performance that  serve to remind the crowd of their anonimity.  I followed the Japanese Dancer Kaori Ito, into New York’s urban spaces of where the definitions of  public and private domains and a silent concensus of acceptable behaviours can be interestingly juxopposed. Like in Butoh, they serve as a reminder and inspiration of individuality. The underground subway in particular is  an ideal territory to explore this premise, where the sense of destination is an overwhelming force and the simplicity of a jump punctuates with such lightness.“


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2. eeatyourheartoutt - December 1, 2008

stunning photograph!
I love shots that capture motion, and you have done it so well!!

3. Swiegot - December 1, 2008

TRULY AMAZING PHOTO!!!! Very inspiring as well. Great job!!!!!!!!!

4. katy - December 7, 2008

I love the play on how society expects us to act in public and what is acceptable. The girl is acting crazy but no one is scarred or alarmed, they are just going about their business. Nice action as well.

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