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Stefan Rohner December 15, 2008

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in Morocco.

Tangier, Morocco

Stefan Rohner (b. 1962,  Germany), is a self-thought photographer,whom’s first artistic love was free style painting. In the mid -eighties, he was inspired by the neo expressionist movement called “Junge Wilde” in Berlin, to work on big oil paintings. After a couple of years he moved to Ibiza, Spain, where he still lives, producing his first photografic work in his home laboratory in 1999. Over the years, Rohner has perfected the art of hand made printing on baryta paper, he inherits a passion for structure, grain and feel, along with his obvious knack for precise composition in black and white, from his experience as painter. Remaining true to his principles which inspire his photographic work, the respect of the human being in fron of the lens, lately he has moved to a different, more distant  approach, in colour, documenting the change within societies.

About the Photograph:
Morocco is always friendly and colorful to me. Women work, men drink tea… that’s the feeling I get when seeing only men sitting around in public bars and most of the time it’s their reality, men only, playing cards, smoking joints or staring at a big TV screen, they will sit there for hours with one glass of mint tea. You can also spot the most funny decorations, modern Western Hollywood film heros or Western musicians, mixed to pictures of lord Krishna and Shiva decipting Indian religious figures, for example. It is always a pleasure to sit with them, to talk to the customers and bar owners, or only to observe.


1. luke - December 15, 2008

Morocco has phantastic light, it’s a paradise for a photographer ;-)

Your bog is phantastic, keep up the great work!


2. Hongyu - December 15, 2008

Nice color.
How come the bar is so big and bright? It looks like a classroom to me.

3. Carlo Schüller - December 23, 2008

I adore Stefans work very much. He has a beautiful way to interact with the people he’s capturing. I think he is one of the outstanding poeple/travel photographers at this time. I hope to see more of his work.

4. Stefan Rohner - December 24, 2008

thanks to Geoffrey for including me here.

Hongyu, the room was/is completely is open over the whole width to the street. thats why there is so much light.

thank you Carlo and Luke.

happy days! and new year.

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