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Siddharth Jain January 19, 2009

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in Italy.

From the series: Orthodox Church of San Damiano. Asti, Italy

Siddharth Jain (b. 1980, India) is a freelance photographer from India. He began photography after completing a degree in business administration from IIFT, Delhi in 2005 .Since then he has been selected to attend workshops such as Young Asian Photographers Workshop 2006 at Angkor  Photography Festival), VII  at Kashmir (2007) and TPW’s Focus at Monferrato 2007 (Italy). His work has been shown at festivals such as Foto Freo 2008, Fotonoviembre 2007,  Musee d Elysee, Switzerland (March 07) , Angkor Photography Festival 2006. He has also been published in Asian Geo and Himal Mag. His work is distributed by Zuma Press (USA) and OnAsia Images (Singapore) and Siddharth currently he is working on long term book project about Rajasthan.

About the Photograph:

“This photograph is from a story about Zaharie Catalin, a priest of the Orthodox Church of San Damiano, Asti. The images were taken during  in his church and at his home while I attended a master class conducted by TPW in Italy. I was asked to do a story on religion and decided to focus on a single life rather than doing some random images that covered a broad nature of the topic. Religion can be anything: faith, hope, love… It was important for me to understand a priest‘s life…and to visualize a life in images…to understand the contrast if any between the church and home…and the person between the two to whom its all one.”


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