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Zach Wise February 4, 2009

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in Multimedia, Ohio University, United States.
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Reckless Willie. Orleans Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada

Zach Wise (b. 1979, USA) is currently a multimedia producer for the New York Times. Before coming to the Times, Wise was the senior multimedia producer for the Las Vegas Sun. He oversaw the implementation of multimedia in terms of workflow, presentation and technology. He was also a multimedia storyteller for the Sun who shot and produced stories in multiple formats ranging from video to panoramas. Wise holds a master’s degree in photojournalism from the School of Visual Communication at Ohio University and won several CPOY awards for his multimedia photojournalism projects there. In 2005, he won the Gold 2005 Horizon Interactive Award for “Spit It, Quit It”. In 2006 he was awarded Yahoo! site of the day (May 2006) for Losing Louisiana: Land Loss on the Coast, which was also a featured site on BBC Science and won the Talking Hands Award.

About the Photograph:

“I left the Las Vegas Sun after completing two large projects I felt very passionate about. This is one of them. Reckless Willie is a short documentary on a boxer who is arguably at the end of his career. Willie Chapman has ten children in three states and he’s forty years old. Professional boxing matches are still his main source of income and also the only way he can pay child support to see his kids. Because of his age and losing record, Nevada may not license him to fight anymore. Willie also shows signs of dementia, most likely caused from continued brain trauma caused by boxing.”

Editors Note: Photographer and multimedia producer Zach Wise has been at the forefront of combining photojournalism and  interactive media work on the web. He was part of the team that produced Soul of Athens, a watershed project as well as Thirst in the Mojave for the Las Vegas Sun.


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