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Søren Østerlund February 16, 2009

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in Guatemala.

Chaculá, Guatemala 2007

After graduating from The Danish School of Art Photography [1998-1999] in Copenhagen Søren Østerlund [b.1975, Danish] enrolled in the Documentary Photography and Photojournalism Program at the International Center of Photograph [1997-1998] in New York.  Søren also attended the Danish School of Journalism [2004-2008] and is currently working as freelance photographer in Denmark.  Søren has completely projects on Fussball in Europe and shoots portraits for magazines in Denmark.

About the Photograph:

“The boy on the right, Andres, has cancer, so the family are in great debt. Andres and his father must travel for a day each way to the hospital for his treatment. The oldest son is working illegal in the states and sending some of his sparse income home. But they can’t afford the hospital bills. His father told me: Maybe if Andres gets to be educated at the hospital, we can pay back the money that way. The photograph is a part of a project I made in a village called Chaculá. I wanted to document how the traditions of the indigeonous people are being challenged by the inluence of north-American lifestyle and the search for a better life.”


1. James - May 4, 2009

With the invention of the “Livestrong” campaign and breast cancer awareness week in the United States, I think its sometimes hard to wrap around the idea that cancer like AIDS and TB is a world wide epidemic. I don’t agree with the photographer however on this being a north-American influence. Cancer has been around for centuries and it was only a matter of time before indigeonous people began to find ways to fight this and other diseases. Perhaps other photographs from this series shed light on our “influence.”

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