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Kendrick Brinson March 9, 2009

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in United States.

Monster truck rally, South Carolina

Kendrick Brinson (b. 1983. Columbia, SC, USA) was raised by a passionate journalist. Although she didn’t realize it at the time, her mother’s love for storytelling rubbed off on her and now visual storytelling is an integral part of her life. She received her journalism degree from the University of Georgia in 2005, graduating with a degree in Newspaper Journalism with an emphasis in photojournalism and a certificate in environmental ethics. Kendrick is one of the founding members of Luceo Images, a photo collective of like-minded passionate documentary photographers who pride themselves on shooting with their hearts. She is a currently freelancing and based in the south-eastern part of the USA.

About the Photograph:

“This image was taken during a break at a monster truck rally at a fair in western South Carolina. The photo is from a new long-term piece I’m doing on the romanticism and stereotypes of the Deep South. I recently became intrigued by this region where I was raised and decided to take a second-look at the oddities and traditions that are often taken for granted. I am a southerner but often feel detached from things deeply southern — so I am an insider with an outsider’s perspective. A boiled peanut stand at a monster truck show where people cheer on their favorite truck with gigantic wheels is about as southern as you can get. Agriculture plays a large part in the history and present of the South and boiled peanut stands are often spotted along rural highways and at festivals in late summer, early fall. I’ve made lists of events and traditions to cover and have had so much fun going to them and look forward to adding more images to this project in the next months.”


1. Brinson featured on Verve Photo: A New Breed of Documentary Photographers « Luceo Images - March 9, 2009

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