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Carlos Cazalis May 15, 2009

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in Brazil.

São Paulo, Brazil

Carlos Cazalis (b.1969, Mexico) began his career photographing the Zapatista rebellion in 1994.  Two years later he joined AFP shooting news and documenting transvestites, children on the street and bullfighting, an going project in four different countries. In 2003 he began working for The Guardian, the UK’s Telegraph, the Mexican weekly Dia Siete, The New York Times, Stern, Walrus Magazine and the Brazilian Folha de Sao Paulo. Since 2005 he has been working primarily in Brazil on a long-term independently financed documentary project on the effects of habitat and mass urbanization entitled Meta Sao Paulo. With the support of the UN Habitat program he begins exhibiting in 2008 in Europe and Mexico. In the summer of 2007 he completed the work on his first upcoming book The Sons of Evora, on Portuguese bullfighters.

About the Photograph:

“This photo of the Minhocão overpass in central São Paulo was shot on a very stormy and rainy Sunday afternoon. The photo is part of my book project on habitat in Sao Paulo, the fifth largest city with nearly 20 million people. The Minhocão was built in the 70’s to break down the congestion of traffic cutting through the city, but it ended up being too small for the massive overpopulation and it also destroyed the real estate value of the adjoining buildings and surrounding neighborhoods. On Sundays the overpass is closed in the morning till early afternoon to allow people to walk alongside it and use as a sort of recreation area. On this occasion the man was training for the upcoming city marathon.”


1. Por onde andará Carlos Cazalis? - PicturaPixel - May 23, 2009

[…] por onde anda ese hombre… Mas de vez em quando eu recebo umas notícias pela rede… Carlos Cazalis (b.1969, Mexico) began his career photographing the Zapatista rebellion in 1994. Cazalis andou pelo Japão e de lá mandou notícias fotográficas para o blog. Mas a rede […]

2. Claudio Versiani - June 4, 2009

Dear Geoffrey,
Carlos Cazalis is a good friend and a great photographer. I’m happy to see the Mexican Cazalis here with the other Brazilian photographers on your amazing blog.
By the way, thanks for linking PicturaPixel.

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