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Ramin Talaie May 20, 2009

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in Iran.

Drop in Center for Drug Addicts, Tehran, Iran

Ramin Talaie ( b. 1964, Iran) is a photographer based in New York City.  He holds a Master’s degree in international studies from Adelphi University. His work has been published in The New York Times, Bloomberg among other publications and is also syndicated with Corbis. Ramin is the founding editor of document IRAN Images.   He has covered the war in Iraq, the fall of Aristide in Haiti, polio in India, Maoists conflict in Nepal and Iranian elections and politics.

About the Photograph:

“While Afghanistan is the major producer of world opium, about 85% of its production is trafficked through Iran to Turkey and Eastern Europe and eventually all over the world. Traditionally smoking opium was the choice but since heroin is now cheaper than hashish it has become the drug of choice.  While in affluent northern Tehran, young adults drink illegal alcohol, in the poor sections of south Tehran, heroin is king. With injected drug use the risk of  TB and Hepatitis has sharply risen. Iran  also has a huge number of AIDS cases among its addicted population.  What is alarming is the rate of which new cases are found.  In recent years, a handful of private NGO began providing clean needles and food along with health educational materials at drop in centers. The photo was taken in one of these NGOs as addicts walk in for hot tea and bread and clean needles to start their day.”


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