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Daryl Peveto June 22, 2009

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in United States.

Birthday Boy from the series “American Nomads”

Daryl Peveto is a freelance photographer and videographer with a passion for social documentary storytelling. Over the last few years he has worked on  issues ranging from American nomads to the black market economies of Peru to active octogenarians. From these images he was accepted to the prestigious Eddie Adams Workshop in 2006 and has since been recognized by Photo District News, College Photographer of the Year, the Missouri Photo Workshop, the National Press Photographers Association and Sportsshooter.com. His clients include The New York Times, The FADER, San Diego Union-Tribune, ABC television, and MSNBC. Daryl is currently based in Southern California.

About the Photograph:

“A central goal of the American Dream is to one day own your own home.  Yet our beginnings were forged out of another, antithetical idea: that of movement and searching for self-determination. Today this idea still exists, but far away from our neatly manicured suburban homes and out of view of the mainstream. In the United States, large communities exist which have turned their backs on the idea of settling down, opting for a nomadic life. One such community is Slab City, located on the Salton Sea in southern California. In this photo, Willie Reynolds cools off with his weekly bath in a pool that he borrowed from his six dogs. The summers in the Slabs reach as much as 120 degrees. Willie was given arm floaties for his birthday. He says, “They are good to keep me from drowning.” Adding, “today is my birthday, so I wanted to take a bath for my party.” Willie’s friends threw him a barbecue and surprised him with a cake.

“On a side note, I missed the latter part of Willie’s birthday party due to being sick. When I went to see him the next day to apologize, he asked me if I wanted some cake. He then told me that he waited to blow out the candles and serve the cake until I could be there to celebrate with him. It was an incredibly touching moment for me.”


1. Daryl Peveto - June 23, 2009

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2. A. Bosch - June 26, 2009

I wonder how many young photographers saw “Into the Wild” and went to Slab City and produced crappy student work. This photo is not crappy. Great Job!

3. Daryl Peveto - November 18, 2009

A. Bosch,

Thanks for the kind words. I actually did not see the movie until after I had worked on this project for about six months and the residents told me about it. I found the place while on another assignment and decided to visit again. Very kind people who have been occasionally exploited by photographers and videographers. I still grapple with this. I hope I am doing their stories justice.


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