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Rodrigo Cruz July 3, 2009

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in Mexico.

The Day of the Dead

Rodrigo Cruz (b.1974, Mexico) is a photographer based in Mexico. His work is included in the exhibition and editorial project Labyrinth of Glances: Frictions and Conflicts in Iberoamerica of Casa America Catalunya and AECID. His pictures have been published in National Geographic – Latin America edition, Enjeux Internationaux, Calgary Herald and others. Rodrigo has received awards in Mexico and was awarded a grant to participate in the Program of Formation of Photo-Essays 2007-2008, summoned by Regional Fund for the Culture and Arts of the Central Zone and CONACULTA, Mexico. He is a member of the Mexican collective Mondaphoto.

About the photograph:

“Between 2005 and 2008 I documented the rituals and daily life of indigenous people in Southern Mexico including Nahuas, Mixtecos and Tlapanecos. This photograph was made during one of the most important celebrations in the country, where every November 2nd, the communities celebrate the Day of the Dead.  On this day the deceased come back to visit and share with their relatives who have the privilege to be alive. It is a communitarian festivity where the people go to the cemetery during the day and night bringing along band music, candles, flowers, food, alcohol, cigarettes, prayers, songs and fireworks to offer and share with their deceased relatives.”


1. Brent Walker - July 3, 2009

Simply an amazing image.

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