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Ilse Frech July 6, 2009

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in France.

Henriette, Mantes-La-Jolie, France, 2006

Ilse Frech (b. 1972, Netherlands) graduated from the Royal Academy for Fine Arts, Architecture and Music in The Hague in 1994. Since 1997 she has worked on projects about refugees from Bosnia in the Netherlands, Muslim children of traumatized mothers from Tuzla (Bosnia, 2000), and a series on young Russians infected by HIV (2002, 2005-2007). Ilse was selected in 2003 for the World Press Photo Masterclass. Her awards include:  ‘De Zilveren Camera’ and ‘PAN-L’ in the Netherlands. Her  book “I Am. Paradox Identity” had its premiere at the Institut Néerlandais in Paris in December 2008. It was included in “The Best Photography Books of the Year at Photo Espagna” 2009 and LOOK 3 books exhibits and considered one of the best designed books published in the Netherlands in 2008.

About the Photograph:

“I wanted to see her with my own eyes, this young Muslim woman living in the outskirts of Paris, so different from the media cliches. I wandered through the suburbs, through the Cités, between blocks of flats and high-rise buildings, searching streets from North to South, East to West. And as I did, I felt her presence almost within myself. Her world took on more and more unusual colors. I used a variety of media for this project. From 2005 to 2008, I struck up acquaintances, sometimes difficult, sometimes intense and close, with several dozen young women; then photographed them and followed them in the wider Parisian area. I also made a 50 minute documentary “I Am. My Islam. My France” and created a sound landscape of 40 hours of interviews, which explores the intimate lives of these young women of Northern African, Turkish or African origin.”