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David Degner July 15, 2009

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in China.

Xinjiang, China 2008

David Degner (b. 1983, USA) graduated from Western Kentucky University with majors in philosophy and photography in 2007.  He has interned at The Augusta Chronicle, The Press-Enterprise, and The St. Petersburg Times. His won awards in College Photographer of the Year, Hearst, and the American Diversity Project Fellowship.  His work has also been published in TIME magazine. David is currently  photographing weddings in Florida, saving up money and researching for his next project on Sufism.

About the Photograph:

“I was interning at the St. Petersburg Times when I stumbled across the story of Uighurs.  I knew the Olympics would be an ideal time for their separatist movements in Xinjiang to make a statement.  So, when my internship ended, with no jobs on the horizon, I flew to Beijing and took the long route to Xinjiang.  I lived there for about six months learning the language and exploring the oasis towns.  As the Olympics approached there were rumors of arrests, crackdowns, and protests. While confirming one of these rumors of a protest in a small village the police picked me up and kicked me out into Kazakhstan.  This particular photo is from the southern border of Xinjiang where it borders Tibet.  The teen was at a dried-up levee drinking with his girlfriend and screaming at the world.”