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David Butow July 17, 2009

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in India.

Bangalore, India 2008

David Butow (b. 1964, United States) has been a photographer since his high school days growing up in Dallas. After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Government he moved to California where he worked for a few years as a newspaper photographer before starting his current work as a freelance magazine photographer.  David specializes in news, social issues and travel photography, and has covered assignments from Baghdad to Shanghai. He is a member of Redux pictures and was a contract photographer with US News and World Report for over 10 years. He’s won various awards from World Press Photo, POY, and Communication Arts among others. As a photographer working in the journalistic field he hopes his craft contributes to an understanding of the impact of public policy on ordinary people, social evolutions, and the connections that exist between people around the world.

About The Photograph:

“This picture was taken in Bangalore, India in 2008 when I was on an assignment about Americans who go to overseas hospitals to save money on elective surgeries. One evening, after I’d finished shooting at the hospital, I took my camera as I wandered around some neighborhoods, including this park in the middle of the bustling city. These guys were just hanging around. I’m not going to speculate what they were doing, and it doesn’t really matter anyway. Having spent most of my career working as a photojournalist, where the point is to present a clear message about what’s happening in the picture, I’ve lately been drawn to scenes that are more ambiguous. Even in the context of taking pictures to go with a assignment, I like to find some complexity or mystery that makes the viewers project some of their own ideas about what’s happening. These pictures don’t often get published with the original story, but I think sometimes they’re more true to life.”