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Chris Keulen July 22, 2009

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in Burkina Faso.

Two exhausted cyclists at the end of the tour. Burkina Faso, 2000

Chris Keulen (b.1959, Netherlands) makes personal documentaries in the Netherlands and abroad, often in Africa. In 2001 Keulen received a World Press Photo first prize sport-series award for his cycling photos of the Tour du Faso. ‘Hot splinters of glass’; le tour d’Afrique, his photo book about cycling in Central Africa, was released in April 2008. Keulen’s work has been published worldwide.  He has exhibited  work from Burkina Faso, Congo DRC and his latest project on African cycling were shown at Visa Pour l’Image in Perpignan amoung other venues. Chris is represented by Hollandse Hoogte (Amsterdam), Panos (Londen) and Laif (Cologne).

About the Photograph:

“In 2000 I followed the cyclists for the first time through the Burkina Faso savannah. Cycling in 45 degrees, deficient equipment, meagre accommodation and hygiene.  The duration of the course didn’t interest me as much as the dream of the sportsmen who want to make something of their lives.  My respect grew with the day and I was spellbound by the passion for cycling. Between 2000 and 2006 I photographed the most important courses of Burkina Faso, Senegal, Cameroon and Eritrea.  Six thousand kilometres on roads that lead to nowhere, but which repeatedly arrived somewhere: in villages bursting with life.”