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Masaru Goto July 27, 2009

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in Sri Lanka.

Masaru Goto (b.1966, Japan) photographs social and human rights issues in Asia and South America. In 2002, he won the Fifty Crows Foundation award for his photos essay on “Got rights? Human Rights in Colombia”. His images of Kashmir received “The Ueno Hikoma Award”, also images of HIV/AIDS in Cambodia won two of the category, “LOVE” and “ILLNESS” for “the River of Life” (WHO) International photo competition. And 2005, he received “The Grand Prize” for his book “Smile in Despair: Stories from a Cambodian AIDS ward” from Sagamihara city in Japan. He has published “Smile in Despair: Stories from a Cambodian AIDS ward”(Mekong Publishing/Tokyo 2005), “Between Worlds: Twenty Years on the Border “(TBBC/Bangkok 2004), “My Journal in Cambodia” (Mekong Publishing/Tokyo 1999).

About the Photograph:

“I visited  a village where many war widows live in Southern Sri Lanka. I met this sister, both were married with government soldiers, and both of them lost their husband by war. Widows were still young. I asked them if they want to get married again, they simply said no, because they still love their husband. Sri Lankan civil war ended in May 2009. I decided to visit because I wanted to see the aftermath. Over 25 years, 80,000 people were killed and thousands more disappeared. War is over, but there are unknown numbers of war wounded, widows, orphans and war-affected children living silently all over the country. Victims become invisible to the rest of the world and they suffer their war scars alone”

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1. Suchith - July 27, 2009

In Sri Lanka, we had 30 years of violence because a few politicians played the power game and put 1000’s of people against each other. Now we cant just blame the past rather learn from their mistakes to move together build our own future.

More and more youth are now standing up and doing their part to extend hands of friendships to rebuild broken bridges.

We believe in Sri Lanka !

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