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Stephen Voss August 12, 2009

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in China.

First look at their adopted daughter, Nanchang, China 2007

Stephen Voss (b. 1978, United States) is a Washington DC based photographer. His clients include The Smithsonian, Business Week, Time, Stern and National Public Radio among others. He received the Creative Visions Foundation Grant to document homelessness in Portland, Oregon, with his photos subsequently featured in a national exhibit that continues to tour the country. His documentary work covers environmental and globalization issues worldwide, and U.S. politics. He is currently working on a project about his native state of New Jersey exploring the intersections of development and environment.

About the Photograph:

“Karen and Bob are a couple from southern California who allowed me to document their trip to China to adopt their daughter. The process of adoption is arduous and often is delayed for months at a time by the Chinese government. The little girls all have been abandoned by their birth parents, usually within the first few months after birth. This photo came on the day we flew into Nanchang where they would officially adopt their daughter and meet her for the first time. All of the adoptive parents gathered outside the hotel meeting room where the women from the orphanage held each baby. Once the doors were open, Karen and Bob were the first to be called and they both reached out to this small, crying 13-month old named Gan Xin Tian who they decided to name Kailee.”


1. David Blakeman - August 12, 2009

This is such an emotional photo. I really love that it completely encapsulates the love that adoptive parents have for their kids. This is a really, really great shot.

2. Nisha - August 13, 2009

Just gorgeous. I love this photo and the photographers you cover on this blog.

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