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Dai Sugano September 9, 2009

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in India.

Mumbai, India, 2009

Dai Sugano (b. 1976, Japan) is a photojournalist and senior multimedia editor at the San Jose Mercury News. He co-created Mercury NewsPhoto.com whose interactive story telling has been judged among the world’s best two years in a row in the Pictures of the Year International contest.  Sugano covers wide range of assignments which have included: Hmong refugees’ immigration to the United States; the California Recall; former Japanese Internment camp survivors and number of stories in politics.  In 2008, “Uprooted,” which looks at displacement of a group of mobile home residents in Sunnyvale, won an Emmy Award. His other work have been nominated for an Emmy Award and a Pulitzer Prize in photography; and have received international and national recognitions. Dai also teaches multimedia to graduate students at Stanford University. Dai recently edited a beautiful short video on India shot by Ami Vitale.

About the Photograph:

“India’s rising prosperity is a remarkable story. Millions of peoplehave been lifted from poverty in recent years. But the new glitter ofIndia’s cities can’t hide the grim reality that remains daily life for hundreds of millions of its citizens.  The U.S. news media in the United States often carry stories about India’s economic development, praising it as the next economic next super power. But rarely do the media touch upon the reality that behind India’s economic development — a reality in which, hundreds of millions people are struggling and failing to escape from poverty.”

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1. SimplyLife - September 9, 2009

The contrast in Indian life. At one end there is progress, richness, plentiful other end is stark naked, no food, no shelter, no hope.

India, as I have seen, is a poverty sticken backward country, that will take a long time to develop.

2. rajat ghosh - September 9, 2009

depends on what u consider development?
a 60 yr old doctor who can’t practice in usa , because no insurance co wants to cover liability, basically he has no options to work
sure life is tough here, n there are haves and have nots , like in every country … everyone who works hard, makes it , sooner , or later …
only the fit survive, everywhere … in every country…

3. Gustav Pursche - September 10, 2009

Really fantastic and intimate Images…

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