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David Bacher December 7, 2009

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in Sweden.

Sami villagers, Kiruna, Sweden

David Bacher (b. 1976, USA)  studied at the University of Virginia, where he completed a double major in anthropology and economics, subjects that began to shape his views of the socio-economic issues facing the world today. With the idea of becoming a professional photographer in mind, David moved to Aarhus, Denmark in 2004 to attend a six month international course in photojournalism at the Danish School of Journalism. During his stay he interned at the newspaper Politiken in Copenhagen and at a commercial photography studio. Following these studies, David moved to Paris, France where he interned with the VII Photo agency. Since 2005, David has been working as a freelance photographer for individuals, corporations, and magazines.

About the Photograph:

“Several times a year, reindeer are brought together in corals for various reasons. During the winter, Sami villagers separate their reindeer families from the large herd. The work is intense, often lasting several days in sub-zero temperatures. These photos reflect the dream-like atmosphere that appears around two pm under a mixture of ambient and artificial light. I work with a wide angle lens in order to bring the viewer into the coral and close to the animals. The images are partially blurred intentionally, using a slow shutter speed, to show the frantic movements of the reindeer. The colors are natural, untouched by digital manipulation, presenting the viewer with images that may be seen as paintings.”

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