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Céline Clanet March 5, 2010

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in Norway.

Ellen watching through the window, Máze,  Norway 2005

Céline Clanet (b. 1977, France) lives in Paris. A graduate from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie of Arles in 1999, she works today as a freelance photographer and graphic designer. Her photographs have been exhibited internationally  at the Blue Sky Gallery, USA (2009/2010), at the Northern Photographic Center in Finland, at Centre Pasquart in Switzerland, Philips de Pury in London and the Fotohuset in Norway. Céline’s photographs have been published in The Independent (UK), Vision Magazine (China), Libération (France) and others. Her series “Un mince vernis de réalité” has been published as a book by Filigranes Editions (France) in 2005, and her book “Máze” will be released in 2010. The “Máze” series won the 1st “People-Culture” award at the “International Photography Awards” (2009, USA), the “Critical Mass Book Award” (2009, USA), and was a finalist for the Photo forum Prize (2009, Switzerland) and ITS photo contest (2008, Italy).

About the Photograph:

“Ellen is one of my favorite people in Máze, a small Sami village located in Lapland, Norway. She was born and has lived there all her life. She comes from a reindeer herding and farming family. She agreed to pose for me inside her house. She was wearing her usual home clothes, but for the picture, she added Sami traditional silver jewelry to her outfit. Very chic. She actually dresses with traditional Sami clothes everyday when she goes outside. Very few Sami people do that today in Lapland, but in Máze, the indigenous culture is still very vivid. She is the mother of seven sons and when she goes outside, she is surrounded by the silent Máze tundra. When I think about her, I think of loneliness, a serene one. She is not sad in this photo. She is contemplative, thoughtful and meditative. Just like many of the people in Máze. I think that the wide, harsh and desert like landscape of the Arctic has shaped their humble character.”

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