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Amber Sigman March 17, 2010

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in United States.

Younger’s Creek, Ky., 2004

Amber Sigman (b. 1976, USA) is a freelance photographer based in Louisville, Kentucky. She holds a degree in photojournalism and anthropology with emphasis in culture from Western Kentucky University. Amber has worked as a photojournalism teacher in Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. She has also worked as an independent contractor and photo editor for MSNBC.com. Her awards include first place sports photo with sports shooter.com, second place photo story with the Wyoming Press Association, third place feature in the Kentucky Intercollegiate Press Association, and were featured in the Western Kentucky University- Nat. Press Photographers Assoc. clip contest.

About the Photograph:

“I made this picture while scouting for photo story ideas driving through rural Kentucky. I had had a strong urge to stop in this shop years prior to me being a photographer, but never did until I began feature hunting. This is where I met James Kennedy and his brother Bill Kennedy. The two started an auction shop at the quaint little building where the rifle was displayed for-sale to local patrons like Larry Rust who stood in the doorway. Customers would come into the shop twice a week to buy anything from screws for a dollar, blinking race car clocks, rocking Santa Claus dolls, vacuum cleaners, or perhaps a used rifle. Many customers at the auction shop are the Kennedy’s kinfolk who live in Younger’s Creek and drive down the road to support their family and friends by buying inexpensive treasures.”

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