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Jon Orlando May 5, 2010

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in United States.

Bryan Hannah, Ft Hood, Texas 2009

Jon Orlando (b.1978, USA) is an artist-activist that uses photography to deepen our collective sense of humanity.  After graduating with a degree in photography from Northern Arizona University, Jon spent four years as an organizer and activist on various social and political issue both regionally and nationally.  Since moving to Colorado in 2005 he has re-immersed himself in photography while staying firmly rooted in efforts to create change. His current project, Warriors for Peace, was recently accepted by the Blue Earth Alliance and images from the series have been exhibited in group shows throughout the United States.

About the Photograph:

“Bryan Hannah is an Iraq war veteran who was convinced by his experiences in Iraq to speak out against war.  From his interview- ‘I was getting ready to fire and they came halting to stop. I saw the little red dot on the little girls forehead and I realized I was aiming a rifle at a little girl and I saw her crying. I didn’t want to do anything but freeze it all and hold her and tell her it would be ok.’ This image is part of a series called Warriors for Peace: Stories of Resistance and Renewal, which through the use of portraits and interviews documents the emotions and stories of veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. The emotions portrayed are a means for providing a space for the viewers to relate to the veterans on a very personal level. In creating that space and reintroducing the humanity and emotion of the soldier, this project challenges the ease with which we accept war.”

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