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Isabelle Pateer May 10, 2010

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in Belgium.

From the series “Unsettled”. Belgium 2007

Isabelle Pateer (b.1980, The Netherlands) graduated in 2003 from the Institute for Higher Education of the Visual Arts Sint Lukas in Brussels, Belgium. For her “Unsettled” project she was nominated for the Prix Arts Libre (2010), received second prize at the International Festival of Photography in Bratislava (2009) as well as being awarded best portfolio during the Photo Espana Masterclass (2009). Her series ‘Room 261012’ received the second prize at the Belgium Dexia Award (2008) and her series ‘Artists’ received an honorable mention at IPA (2008). Her work has been exhibited in several exhibitions and photography festivals in The Netherlands, France and Belgium and published in different international magazines including: VIEW, La Libre Belgique, Foto Museum Extra, Globe Reports  and Janus.

About the Photograph:

“This portrait is one of the first images I took for the ongoing series “Unsettled”. It focuses in a metaphoric way on the idea of “progress” in a case where a historical place must disappear because of industrial purposes. The Belgium village Doel is threatened by vast expansions of the Antwerp port which  creates an artificial contrast between nature and culture.  My work focuses on the young inhabitants alternated by landscapes which bare witness to the transformed state of the area. Leaving a sourish taste by contrasting the young with the local changes, they symbolise the international tendency of global political and economic shifts and the way they manifest themselves to the people and their surroundings.”

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