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Andrea Morales May 31, 2010

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in United States.

Jameska and Roxy. Glouster, Ohio 2009

Andrea Morales (b. 1984, Peru) believes that visual storytelling can make the world go round. After finishing her degree in journalism at the University of Florida, a newspaper internship in a town bearing the name of her birthplace took her to Ohio. Her passion for community storytelling is what kept her there. She is currently based in Appalachian Ohio working on her M.A. in photography and multimedia narratives at the Ohio University School of Visual Communication. She attended the Eddie Adams Workshop in 2007 and was a 2009 Chips Quinn Scholar. Her work has been recognized by the College Photographer of the Year competition and the Ohio AP.

About the Photograph:

“Jameska and Roxy are technically cousins, but if you ask them, they’ll tell you they’re sisters. They live in a town with circumstances that are tough on girls coming of age. I began photographing the youth culture in Glouster, Ohio in the winter of 2009 hoping to understand more about their experience in a way that didn’t focus on the poverty. Jameska’s mother was awarded custody of Roxy because the girl’s parents struggled with drugs and crime. I’ve spent a lot of time with these girls in particular because of my affinity for tales of sisterhood and because they’re bright and kind people. This photo was taken in their grandma’s backyard. Jameska is highly overprotective of her little sister and the look in her eyes in this photo reminds of that. ‘I just don’t want her to turn out like her mom,’ she said to me once.”

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