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Andrew Spear June 28, 2010

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in Ohio University, United States.

Glouster Ohio 2009

Andrew Spear (b. 1987, United States) lives in Athens, Ohio and works as a freelance photographer while continuing work on numerous personal projects. He is a recent graduate from Ohio University and has been published in national publications including The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Andrew has also been recognized by the National Press Photographers Association, The Southern Short Course in News Photography and had two images selected for American Photography 26. He also collaborated on the 2008 “Soul of Athens” project which was awarded an honorable mention in Online Publications Best Use in POYi.

About the Photograph:

“I’ve been working on a project in the town of Glouster for about a year now. Glouster was once an extremely prosperous extractive industry town in southeastern Ohio. In the early 1960s, however, the mines moved out after stripping the natural resources, taking most of the jobs and opportunity with them. As with many surrounding towns, narcotics abuse is an ever-increasing problem. I was photographing a family outside their home last spring when the girl in the red dress ran by with a ferret. One of the children asked her to stop so they could look at it and I asked what was happening because she was in such a hurry. All she told me was that her Aunt had just been arrested and asked her to take care of the pet for her. She was unsure of what charges her aunt was facing.”

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