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Diego James Robles July 30, 2010

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in United States.
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Beauty Pageant, Ohio 2009

Diego James Robles (b.1985, USA) is a staff photographer at The Denver Post. He recently left the Navajo Nation where, with a partial grant from the Alexia Foundation, he was living and doing a documentary on its people and culture. Diego discovered photography while deployed in Kosovo with the U.S. army. Upon the completion of his contract, he enrolled in Ohio University’s School of Visual Communication. Diego is a Chips Quinn Scholar and alum of The New York Times Student Journalism Institute. He has interned for El Deber-Diario Major (Bolivia), Democrat & Chronicle and The Orange County Register. This school year he won the Award of Excellence in College Photographer of the Year and was named White House News Photographers Association Student Photographer of the Year.

About the Photograph:

“This image is from a series I did about three little beauty queen contestants in Southeast Ohio. Hanna, Heidi and Tomi wave and blow kisses to empty streets in the last leg of their parade through McArthur. During the two to three mile parade route, due to the small size of the float, I squatted on the trailer hitch and almost fell several times. There were supposed to be four little girls attending this particular parade but I felt very lucky when only three, the girls I was covering, showed up. I had a difficult time holding the viewfinder to my face as I needed one hand at all times to keep me from falling in between the tow vehicle and the float. In the end, I only made pictures when I could see all three girls doing something similar at the same time. During those moments, I braced myself, used both hands on the camera, prayed I got the shot and if I didn’t fall that was good too. In the end I don’t think it was quite successful but good enough.”

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