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Silviu Pavel August 4, 2010

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in Romania.

From the series “A Good Childhood”. Romania 2009

Silviu Pavel (b. 1980, Romania) graduated with a Masters degree in Telecommunications from Bucharest Politechnic University. In 2005 he studied photography at various schools in Bucharest including the Scoala de Poetica Fotografica Francisc Mraz. “I want to keep my passion and do the kind of photography that is important to me. I love meeting simple people, especially from isolated parts of Romania and hearing their stories.” In 2009 Silviu participated in the Rio Film festival as a photographer for Nisimazine and won first prize at the MEDIP Transnational Photographic Exhibition photojournalism competition. His work has been published in different online magazines including  N-Sphere, local newspapers and in group exhibitions.”

About the Photograph:

“The photograph was shot in the Dobrogea region of Romania last summer of the local youth playing in an old abandoned boat on the Danube river shore. It is part of a personal project called ‘A Good Childhood’ that came to life by itself and continues in 2010. In the Dobrogea region, I discovered a world of children full of enthusiasm. It impressed me and reminded me, a city boy, of what a  good childhood is all about. I started to take photographs of them playing in this mix of joy and sadness and a project was born. I’ve been in these villages several times and have returned often. Every time I found the same pure and true emotions that I want to transmit in these images.”

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