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Lalo de Almeida August 25, 2010

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in Brazil.

Church Musician. Suburbs of São Paulo 1998

Lalo de Almeida (1970, Brazil) studied photography at the Instituto Europeo di Design in Milan, where he began working as a photojournalist with small agencies, covering Police work in the city. Since 1995 he works for the newspaper Folha de S. Paulo in Brazil. In addition to his work for the newspaper, he has also worked on documentary projects such as “ O Homem e a Terra (Man and Land)” concerning traditional Brazilian populations. He is the photographer of the book: “Nas Asas do Correio Aéreo (Flying with the airmail service)” published in 2002.

About the Photograph:

“I shot this picture while on assignment for the newspaper Folha de S.Paulo about the borders of São Paulo, a city of over 11 million people. My idea was to visit the extremes, from South to North, from East to West. The North border was a neighborhood called Jardim Paraná and when I visited for the first time in 1998 it has just been occupied by homeless people, mostly migrants from the Northeast of Brazil. While I walking on an unpaved street I saw this boy carrying his guitar leaving from a small Evangelical church. Ten years, later, in 2008,  I came back to the same place. The street was paved, the church was much bigger, but the boy, now a man, was still playing guitar in the same church.”

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