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Michael F McElroy August 27, 2010

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in India.

Collecting water. Amravati District, India 2010

Michael F McElroy (b. 1969 USA)  is a photographer based in Miami, Florida. His photographs have been published in The New York Times, The Guardian, Revue, Monocle and Burn as well as other international magazines and newspapers. His work has been recognized by POYi, Communications Arts, Atlanta Photojournalism and the Society for News Design.  He is currently working on a project documenting India’s water crisis.  Michael is represented by Wonderful Machine and Zuma.

About the Photograph:

Water has become the most commercial product of the 21st century. The stress on the multiple water resources is a result of rising population and changing lifestyles combined with intense competition among agriculture, industry and domestic users. For the women in India’s rural area’s getting a bucket of drinking water is a daily struggle in which most cases women walk an average of 2.5 kms to reach a source of water that is often contaminated with high levels of fluoride or is to saline to drink.  Despite the installation of 3.5 million hand pumps and thousands of water projects, sources are drying up due the lower than average monsoon rains, leading to acute water scarcity. The end result of this lack of water in the rural areas is pushing villagers to move to the cities that are already bursting at the seams with people and facing there own water problems. As India’s population of 1.15 billion people grows by 18 million a year, the situation is only expected to worsen.”

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