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David Bowen September 27, 2010

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in United States.

Bubble-gum girl, San Francisco, New Years Day 2002

David Bowen (b.1972, u.k.) is a freelance photographer based in Norway. His journey into photography began at 12 years old with his elder brothers discarded SLR, and evolved with the building of his first darkroom a couple of years later. His first long term project was shot from 1991 until 1997 documenting the westernization of a remote Tibetan village in the north of India. Following the London exhibition of this work he embarked on a second personal project looking at the fast growing youth culture scene based around electronic music. Now 12 years in, this still expanding body of work so far consists of around 60 international events in more than 20 countries. Exhibition prints from his Tibetan folio are held in the private Kodak Eastman archive and his youth culture work is currently being proposed for exhibition and book publication.

About the Photograph:

“Photographing the scene around electronic music has been an utterly consuming obsession. Working 52 weekends of the year for more than 10 years has meant rarely spending a weekend at home. For this commission I’d been in the city for five days, sleeping much of the day and submersing myself into the nightlife each evening. The last night was spent documenting the NYE gig at 10/15 Folsom, from which a handful of magazines had requested photos. By the time this shot was taken the work had been done and I was taking a final walk around the venue with my last film. It was around five or six am, and there were a couple of hours to drop by the hotel and pick up bags before catching a plane home. I took two frames of the girl with the bubble-gum. In the first a bubble had just burst and they laughed hard as I had caught her with the exploded bubble covering her mouth. I smiled back at them before beginning to move away when she blew another bubble, and  took this photo.”

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