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Glenn Campbell October 1, 2010

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in Australia.

Levitating Blue Heeler. Urandangi, Australia 1997

Glenn Campbell (b.1970, Australia ) began working as a photojournalist in 1996 at the Townsville Buletin, after a vagabond life as a Miner, Prawn fisherman and Feral pig hunter. He was a staff photographer at the national daily newspaper ‘The Australian’ till 2004, when he abruptly left the court of the sun king to hang out his shingle in Darwin, the most northern city in Australia with an international airport. He has covered assignments in Pakistan’s North West Frontier, terrorist hit Bali, the Jihadi havens of central Java and documented  the growing pains of a newly independent East Timor. In 2009 he was appointed an official war artist by the Australian War Memorial to produce a body of work on the Australian Army’s peace keeping role in the Asia Pacific region.

About the Photograph:

“Every one says ‘Oh Man! I just love that jumping dog shot.’ Oh Gawd! It was taken 13 years ago, when (with hindsight) I knew pretty much nothing about everything… there are so many reasons why that shot drives me crazy! I made it in Urandangi, a town that no one’s heard of, of a bloke named Ray, who’s sadly passed away since. So, regardless of all I’ve done since and all I’ll do in the future, I’m the jumping dog guy. I’ll be carrying around ‘The levitating Blue Heeler from Urandangi’, publicly scoffing it , secretly enjoying it, quietly ruminating on its imperfections and wondering how good it could have been. Wanting so much to just leave it behind… Wanting even more to take a better one.”

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