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Toby Smith October 25, 2010

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in England.

Sleaford, England 2009

Toby Smith (b. 1982, England) is freelance Photographer based in East London. Since graduating from the London College of Communication in 2008 he began shooting for editorial clients. He works with large format, using both ambient and his own introduced light, with no retouching to change the way we perceive the subject matter. Toby currently works from Roof Unit a photography collective that he co-founded.

About the Photograph:

“I photographed the back-roads around the fringe of Lincolnshire where the population density thins and the night sky thickens. The dark of night allowed me to create footpaths and gain vantage points that during the visibility of daylight would be off limits. Over the next five months I found myself impulsively driving to their locations this time led in by the rows of pylons, their dominant stacks or halo of safety lights. We are quick to use them as negative icons of pollution but ignorant of our reliance on the electricity they produce. All of the images in this series are captured between sunset and sunrise with colour film exposures between two minutes and two hours.”

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