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Rafal Gerszak November 1, 2010

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan, 2009

Rafal Gerszak (b.1980, Poland) and his family were forced to flee their home during the Soviet era and lived for sometime in a West German refugee camp. After immigrating to Canada in 1990, Rafal began to identify with socially displaced groups and photographed the drug culture in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside before moving to Afghanistan to pursue documentary photography. A graduate of Langara College in Vancouver, Canada, Rafal’s documentary work and short films have been recognized by the NPPA and the News Photographers Association of Canada. In 2010, Rafal was selected as one of the winners of The Magenta Foundation Flash Forward competition.

About the Photograph:

“March 4, 2009 was the last mission  I spent with soldiers from America’s 101st Airborne Division, 506th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Battalion, Delta Company, 4th Platoon. I was accompanying the soldiers near a village in the mountains of Khost province, eastern Afghanistan. This photograph was made after an armored vehicle accident that nearly rolled the truck off an embankment. The soldiers and I were stranded in the area for hours until locals from a nearby village gathered and worked as a team with American soldiers to free the vehicle. Although I captured the image of an injured soldier, for me, when the villagers came to the soldiers aid, there was no more war and no more division between cultures. It was simply one human being helping another.”

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