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Laia Abril November 8, 2010

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in United States.

“Femme Love”, Brooklyn New York 2009

Laia Abril (1986, Spain) holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and studied photography at ICP in New York City. She began working on documentary projects in the Balkans, covering the 13th Funeral of Srebrenica and the Independence of Kosova, first for a Spanish NGO and then for Spanish newspapers. In 2009 and 2010 she was a finalist on the Ian Parry Award participating at the Getty Gallery in London first with her photo project about the young lesbian community in Brooklyn and then with the project ‘The Last Cabaret’ about a porno sex-life club in Barcelona. Most recently she was Editor-In-Chief and photographer of the Dance issue of COLORS Magazine and was awarded a second FABRICA scholarship to develop a personal photo project during the next year.

About the Photograph:

“Femme love is a project that began with the intention of depicting notions of femininity in young lesbian women but which developed into an intimate exploration of a single couple’s love. Mox and Jenny maintain a sincere relationship, ignoring the prejudice and prying eyes that the ‘otherness’ of their relationship attracts. Their chosen home of Brooklyn is to some extent a passport to the freedom they crave, but both have experienced long, difficult and emotional journeys in obtaining their current happiness. They are simply like any other loving couple in their twenties and in love.”