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Quinn Ryan Mattingly December 1, 2010

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in Burma.

Brick Factory, Burma 2009

Quinn Ryan Mattingly (b. 1979, USA) is a freelance documentary and editorial photographer based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. After finishing university in Ohio in 2003, he spent a year in Los Angeles, before venturing abroad to Prague, and finally to Asia, where he’s been for about six years. Apart from his personal documentary and freelance editorial work, Quinn is also the staff photographer for The Word, and English language magazine in Vietnam. In 2009 he attended the Foundry Photojournalism workshop in Manali, India, where he studied under Ami Vitale. His plans are likely to remain in Vietnam and South East Asia for the foreseeable future, as he finds the scenes, peoples and cultures incredibly fascinating.

About the Photograph:

“This image was made at a visit to an adobe brick factory that took up residence in several plastic covered structures on an isolated country road. The youngster, a very small framed boy of about ten, was tasked with pushing a large slicer through each slab of mud as it emerged from the mill, creating individual bricks. About every forty five seconds, he would muster some strength in his face, and force the sharp wires through the pressed mud. In between, a large grin would return to his face, in response to viewing his face on my LCD. This frame was made just before we parted ways. Seemingly being so comfortable with my camera’s presence, I requested this pose, sort of just to bring a little more joy into his workday. “