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Anastasia Taylor-Lind February 3, 2011

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in England.

Camilla and Amy in their caravan at The Wirral Show, England 2008

Anatasia Taylor-Lind (b.1981,England) is a documentary photographer currently based in the Middle East and working for clients such as GEO Germany, The Telegraph Magazine and Marie Claire. She is part of the VII Photo Agency mentor program, and has degrees from the University of Wales Newport and the London College of Communication. Anastasia’s work has been exhibited internationally, in spaces such as The Frontline Club, Saatchi Gallery and National Portrait Gallery in London, the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam and Fovea Exhibitions in New York. She has received a number of photography awards in support of her personal work, from a diverse range of organisations such as Canon Italy, The Royal Photographic Society, The Guardian, Channel4 and Deutsche Bank.

About the Photograph:

“This picture was taken at the Wirral showground in England in July 2008. I spent the weekend there with Camilla and Amy in their caravan, living with them and making pictures as they performed equestrian stunts for large audiences at the show. I had initially intended to make a story that focused on the amazing work that Camilla does, as one of the youngest and most promising stunt riders and horse masters in the industry, but I quickly realized that her relationship with Amy would be central to the story. I wanted to photograph Camilla because I grew up with horses and had always wanted to work with them, until I discovered photography at 16. The only thing I’ve had to sacrifice in the course of becoming a photographer is having horses in my life. So this story, which was self initiated and self funded, was an opportunity to experience in some small way what Camilla’s life might be like.”

“For me photography is a ticket into people’s lives, and into situations that you would never otherwise find yourself in. It’s an opportunity to make friends and forge relationships that for the most part, outlive the time spent making a story. In fact Camilla has become one of my best friends, and on my birthday this year, she gave me my first stunt riding lesson on one of her best horses. It would be ridiculous to say that what I can do in any way resembles Camilla’s performances, but the exhilaration of falling from a moving horse will stay with me forever. Incidentally, in a recent interview for an Italian magazine that ran the story, Camilla said that if she hadn’t have been a stunt-rider she would have been a photographer.”