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Bertrand Meunier February 7, 2011

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in France.

My Mother and Father from the series “l’Homme éloigné” 2006

Bertrand Meunier (b. 1965, France) bought his first camera in 1993 and went on an “apprenticeship” for several years in SE Asia and Mexico. Since 1997, he has been photographing contemporary China, intent on showing the reality behind the economic miracle. This work has been awarded by the Leica Oscar Barnack Prize in 2001. His book Le Sang de la Chine, Quand le Silence Tue (The Blood of China, When Silence Kills) published in 2005 with the journalist Pierre Haski, was awarded the International Media Prize and the Joseph Kessel Prize. In addition to his ongoing research project in China, Bertrand has photographed in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Argentina, Peru, Syria and Iran.

About the Photograph:

“My father died on April 11, 2009. Three years prior, when I learned about his cancer, I decided to photograph my family with my father as the common thread. I needed to preserve the memory of a face and of the people my father loved; moments of joy, happiness and pain. And certainly I hid behind my camera to avoid confronting the moment when my father, with one last breath, left me to become a man. The tittle of the series is about the feeling that I knew my father was on his path to die. It was necessary for me to keep something of him and the people close to our family. I tried to face this reality which no one is prepared for. Using the camera was a way to prepare myself and be strong enough to face the death of my father.”

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