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Alexandros Demetriades March 30, 2011

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in Cyprus.

Morfou, Northern Cyprus 2010

Alexandros Demetriades (b. 1967, Cyprus) studied Economics and Financial Investments at the George Washington University were he later received an MBA. After a short stint in the financial world he made the decision to leave and create a multi-disciplinary design firm in 1994. He served as the Creative Director of the company designing across a wide range of disciplines, including animations, exhibition design, interactive content and game design winning various awards along the way. As a self-taught photographer Alexandros is pursuing his photographic aspirations since 2010. Alexandros is currently shooting in the Balkans and the Middle East.

About the Photograph:

“I shot this photo while traveling in occupied North Cyprus, in the district of Morfou. I ended in a deserted coffee shop by the sea under a strong menacing wind. At first glance from some distance away the place looked abandoned. On coming closer I noticed some figures playing cards so I proceeded to walk inside and came across the man in the foreground in the picture. When I saw this man sitting at the cafe, his stasis had an almost frightening intensity which immediately captivated me. The interesting thing is that I know that he knew I was shooting him. I was so close but he never flinched, never posed. The peacefulness that exuded from him made me feel insignificant. Lost in his inner world behind this half open door, he sat withdrawn not with fear but with indifference, observing the vagaries of the outside world. His face expressed a bitter reverie. Perhaps he was steeped in a fatalism peculiar to the Balkan region whose turbulent history resulted in a complex and fragile cultural and religious mosaic. Here, no truth overcomes another, and he seemed to know it.”