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Aaron Vincent Elkaim May 2, 2011

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in Israel.

West Bank Checkpoint, Bethlehem, Israel 2007

Aaron Vincent Elkaim (b. 1981, Canada) is a freelance photographer based in Toronto, Canada. He has a degree in Cultural Anthropology and a diploma in Photojournalism and focuses his documentary work on exploring cultural issues in the modern world. His first long-term project is rooted in his own family history and explores the remnants of a once large Jewish community in Morocco. His work has been acknowledged internationally, garnering awards and recognition at the New York Photo Festival, American Photography 26, ONWARD 11, PX3 2010, PDN Photo Annual, the News Photographers Association of Canada and the Ontario Arts Council. He is an Eddie Adams Alumni and was recognized as an Emerging Photographer in 2008 by Photolife Magazine. Aaron is also a co-founder and member of the Boreal Collective.

About the Photograph:

“This image was taken at the West Bank checkpoint of Bethlehem. It is one of many checkpoints where hundreds of Palestinians line up daily to cross into Israel and Jerusalem for work. This image was part of a project of discovery early in my career. I sent three months traveling throughout Israel and Palestine attempting to gain some understanding of the situation there, photographing as I went. I had no story or angle in mind, I simply wished to see what was happening, how people were living, and gain a sense of the place that holds the minds and faiths of the world.  To me this image represents the daily life of the Palestinian people, its quiet and alludes to a sense of normalcy in an abnormal situation.  While the peace sign signifies hope, the routine of the repression makes this image hopeless, a feeling I was left with after this trip.”