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Pascal Shirley May 16, 2011

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in United States.

Oakland, California 2005

Pascal Shirley (b. 1980, USA) began his photographic studies at Prescott College and the School of Visual Arts in New York City. He received his MFA at California College of the Arts in San Francisco. During this time he studied under Larry Sultan and Jim Goldberg and graduated in 2006. He was awarded a teaching position the following fall at California College of the Arts, but left soon after to pursue a career in photography. Pascal assists with several NYC and LA based photographers while continuing his own work. He recently shot for TIME magazine and has been included in group shows in Los Angeles and Portland, Oregon. Pascal currently resides in Los Angeles.

About the Photograph:

“This photo is part of a series on youth in and around the Bay Area.  The 13-year-old boy lived with his mother in Oakland.  I photographed him three separate times and it was the third time when I got this picture. I remember him opening up to me about how his father had left when he was young and his dog was his best friend. Their house was very cluttered and I could barely move throughout the rooms. His mother told me there were evil spirits in the house. I asked him if he wanted to go out in the backyard. He moved throughout the yard like it was foreign to him. It seemed like it had been years since he had played out there. He was an only child entering adolescence and I felt his unease.”