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Susan Worsham June 13, 2011

Posted by Geoffrey Hiller in United States.

Lynn and Max, Virginia 2009

Susan Worsham (b. 1969, USA) took her first photography class while studying graphic design in college.  In 2009 Susan was nominated for the Santa Fe Prize For Photography, and her book” Some Fox Trails In Virginia” won first runner up in the fine art category of  the Blurb Photography Book Now International Competition. In 2010 Susan was awarded the first TMC / Kodak Film Grant, and was an artist in residence at Light Work in Syracuse, New York. Her work is held in private collections, and has been exhibited at the Corcoran Museum during  FotoWeek D.C, The Photographic Center Northwest, Silver Eye Center for Photography, And Dean Jensen Gallery. She was recently named one of PDN’s 30 Emerging Photographers To Watch in 2011.

About the Photograph:

“The image shown here  Max With Black Plums, is from my personal project ” Some Fox Trails In Virginia” Through this series I photograph, the landscape of my childhood, but through the lens of my adult self. I use two women from different generations as my muses. Margaret Daniel, my oldest neighbor, and Lynn, the first stranger that I ever asked to pose for me. I have been photographing Lynn for over 19 years now. The image above is of Lynn and her son Max. The plums she holds in her lap are still close, echoing the mother and son bond at this age. I think the trust in our relationship comes through in the picture. There is a quiet intimacy that I have found while shooting Lynn and her family that I now look for in all of my subjects. We have grown into women together, and I hope to photograph her family for years to come.”